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IO’s Big Windfall

April 24, 2010

Life is so strange, sometimes. One of the reasons my 18-year marriage is falling apart is money. My IO lost two jobs last year, both his fault, then he was unemployed for five months before landing an important position at minimum wage. Last week, as it turns out, I learned he had stock in one of those companies he worked for, and he’s now eligible to sell it. It’s worth many thousands of dollars. He’s been back and forth about what to do with the money, and naturally, everyone has advice for him.

My advice was to pay off his debts and leave. I mean here we are, unable to get along for more than a few hours at a time, and after all we’ve been through the past few years, I can’t ever imagine fixing it. We’re only together because neither of us has had the money to move.

He’s done nothing but whine and moan and carry on about The South in general and our city, in particular. Not that he doesn’t have some very valid points. But this is my home. I have roots here. I have a job with a good company that doesn’t pay enough to live on, but I can’t afford to quit in this economy. Plus, I have very good insurance, if I could afford the $20 and $40 co-pays.

IO has threatened so many times to get on his bike and ride off into the sunset. Now he can afford to. There will never be another time in his life when he will have this much money at once. It’s enough to start over. I told him he should go. Take it. Be happy. Send me a post card. It’s what he’s always wanted. I’m colorful that way.

And he balked.

Tonight, after the window smashing session, I asked him, please, please take the damned money and get out of my life. Please. I think he’s afraid to, and I don’t know how to help him with that.