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Banished to the Sofa

April 24, 2010

The electric company cut my power off first thing this morning. It was time for me to go to bed, anyway. I have no phone, so I couldn’t call and pay it. Besides, I just paid the rent. Insignificant Other needs to pay something.  But he didn’t or couldn’t. I still had to pay half. In any case, it’s back on now, as you can tell if you’re reading this.

It clouded up today, and meteorologists predicted severe storms with tornadoes.  One of my cats was trapped once, as a young kitten, in a tree during a very bad storm. Hail, driving rain, damaging winds, thunder, lightening …she was too high up, and I wasn’t able to get her down. It traumatized her. Not only is she a very skiddish cat, but she’s scared to death of storms. Tonight, when it was time for me to go to work, I couldn’t find her. She didn’t seem to be in the house. I hunted and called.  I shook her bag of treats. Nothing.

Insignificant Other gets belligerent when he drinks beer. This is a somewhat new development in his disease. He was never really a happy drunk, but in the past couple years, his temper is less benign when he’s had a few. And of course, it’s often influenced by the company he keeps.  I was, once again, trapped into listening to him drone on and on about his job before that last beer kicked in and he decided to go to bed, just as I was getting ready to leave for work and couldn’t find the cat.

Have you ever noticed when there’s something catastrophic going on in your life, that afterward, you can’t really remember exactly what happened? I can’t recall at all how the argument got started, or what caused it to escalate. I know it was about the cat and the weather. I know he made me so mad that I told him that sometimes I just want to take a bat and beat the crap out of him while he’s sleeping. Then I headed for the back door to go outside and see if I could find the cat. Just as I got it open, IO appeared beside me, and he put his hands around my neck.

And then he stopped. He barged past me and went outside, toward his shed. And while he was out there, I locked the doors and closed the windows. He didn’t bother to yell at me. He just broke the storm door, then broke a window and turned the knob.

I’ll be damned if he was going to have all the fun. When he threw the bat down, I picked it up and smashed the nearest window. I’m just colorful that way.

Unfortunately, I smashed the window without a screen. And now my cats who cannot go outside because they are not yet spayed, can get outside.  *faceplant*

I needed to call my boss and tell him I couldn’t make it in, but as you recall, I don’t have a phone. It was getting late and most of my neighbors were already in bed. My closest neighbor  wasn’t home. I live very near a state line, in a different state from the one where I work. Which means that I have to go over to the other state to call because even though it’s only a few miles way, it’s long distance to a payphone.

As you may recall, I drive a small suv without a top. And it was raining hard. A tiny red spot on the radar weather map. IO took the key for his truck off my keyring, so to get to a phone, I had to take my vehicle. The nearest phone across the state line is a place where even I do not feel safe at night, and I’m pretty brave, as women go. I pity the punk who fucks with me. I managed to call and tell the boss what was going on, and then someone smashed a bottle in the parking lot, and I hung up and left. It seems to be a big night for broken glass. Maybe we’ll get that tornado after all. In the meantime, the cats are asleep under the bed, and IO is banished to the sofa.