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Some Things Just Never Change

December 23, 2012

Here it is two days before Christmas, 2012, and I am still fighting the same old battles. Last week Insignificant Other got his panties in a twist about something and came close to hitting me, but shoved a pot of hot soup off the burner of the stove instead.

Let me catch you up. The Cousin (whom I recently found out is either a stripper or a hooker) didn’t last long. She moved into Insignificant Other’s new apartment with him and two weeks later got him to buy her a plane ticket home where she apparently had a boyfriend to whom she wanted to return. She left her cat and all her belongings. The cat ended up here and her belongings are stacked up all over my office where they were put when IO gave up his storage unit. They could end up on the curb soon if he doesn’t straighten up. I’ll put a Curb Alert on Craigslist. I’m colorful that way.

IO had two roommates, one of which was the mooch who had lived across the street from us in our previous house. Nothing changed there, he was still a mooch with easier access to whatever he wanted, like food, laundry supplies, and spare change. The other roommate was a very aggressive guy with the shakes and a twitch who scared me.  Then Penitentiary Pal Three and his pregnant girlfriend stayed for a while.

IO’s truck was repossessed. Somehow either Mooch decided to buy one he didn’t need, or IO got him to purchase it for him…I don’t know. But IO had it for a while, then Mooch repossessed it, encouraged by Pen Pal Three. All three roommate situations ended badly with harsh words and money owed.

IO now drives a beat-up low rider that is literally falling apart, loaned to him by The (former) Roommate. The passenger side window is broken and rather than take the door panel off and fix it, IO drives it that way in all weather, and puts a plastic bag over it when it rains. It needs a new battery as well, but he would rather push start it than buy a new one. He claims he just doesn’t have the money. Let’s do the math. A six-pack a day (at least) at what, about $6 each?  Times 30 is $180 a month. That’s not including the weekends when he drinks more.

Anyway, the day IO and The Cousin left  (end of May 2011)  is the morning I pulled into the driveway, lucky to have made it, because the little suv died its final death. It needed a new engine.  After spending the day on the phone with any government agency I could find to see if I could get some emergency money to pay the rent (to no avail, as I made seven dollars over the poverty level), I called one of my oldest friends and asked her to come over with her truck and help me haul IO’s remaining stuff  to the pawn shop. She never showed up, and she never called me back. So very typical of her. I hope she doesn’t wonder why we are no longer friends.

For several weeks IO came over to take me to work in his borrowed car. After a while he got tired of that, and the cost of gas, so he had me drop him off at his place, and take the car on my own.  In the morning I would take the car back to him and he would drop me off at home.  By September he was tired of that arrangement, probably because the borrowed car kept breaking down and stranding me at work where I had to be rescued, and he bought a used motor for me. He and a couple other people sat it out in front of the suv, and it stayed there until mid-December when two thugs came along and stole it. The police were no help. They didn’t even investigate it.

When I got my tax refund in April, I bought another used motor and paid some guy to put it in. It cost me a thousand dollars. Halfway home, the car caught fire and had to be towed the rest of the way. It sat out there in the driveway until September.

IO had a summer romance with a woman who lived in an apartment above his. Her name was the same as mine. It took a few weeks, but as soon as she figured him out and tired of his crap, she dumped him. Left with no roommates and no girlfriend, he could not wait to move back in here. I didn’t really feel like I had a choice. I had tried to find a roommate, but I don’t know any single people, and Craigslist is scary.

I let him move into the small bedroom and he has to go all the way across the house to use the bathroom. He did pay my rent the whole time he had an apartment, I’ll give him that. But after 20 years and half of $24,000 in community property, I feel entitled to something. I continued to pay the utilities and buy my own food, and I was the only one who put gas in that stupid borrowed car, even though three people were driving it. I also had to buy two tires and a couple other parts for it.  Think of the irony of that. I can’t afford to fix my own car, but had to fix someone else’s so that I could continue to work at a place that paid me $7 over the poverty level. It’s hard to believe that I once made $55,000 a year and had virtually NO expenses. What the hell happened to my life?

So tonight IO said something, I don’t even remember what. He still tries to tell me what to do, and how to do it, and every once in a while I have to remind him that it’s no longer his business, and that he has no say-so whatsoever in my life anymore. He told me that I need to get a job and I reminded him that I need a car to get to one. He won’t help me because we are not together, and we are not together because he won’t help me. He never helped me with it when we were together, so it’s a circular argument that never ends. He threatens to leave and I offer to get the door for him. He wanted to make sure before he stalked off to his room that the landlord knows who pays the rent here and if anyone leaves, it will be me.  I let him know they also know all about him and his affair with his cousin, so I wouldn’t be too sure if I were him. He told me they think I’m a liar, and so here I am, beginning to document everything again. I may not need these reminders for anything legal in the future, but they will certainly help me remember why, when he is finally gone from my life, that he is never coming back.