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The Cousin

December 23, 2012

This post was written in April 2011, but I never published it, so it’s dated now, December 23, 2012.

Here we are nine months later and nothing has really changed. Insignificant Other and I moved into a new home that is infinitely better than the dump we had been living in, for only slightly more money. It has a split floor plan, with two master suites far, far apart, and we have managed to co-exist peacefully, for the most part.

A couple of weeks ago, IO found his cousin, or she found him, on Facebook. She was living in Arizona with some guy, and the house they were living in was foreclosed on and sold at auction. IO, with what I see clearly now as a deeply psychological need to be a Big Hero, took off work, drove out there, and brought her back. Impulsive, and never good at thinking ahead, he ran out of money in Oklahoma on the return trip. He called one of his Prison Pals to ask for emergency funds which never arrived. He then turned to The Roommate, who strangely enough has turned out to be a somewhat decent guy, and got him to pawn some of IO’s tools and make a bank deposit for him.

Before IO went to get The Cousin, he and Third Pal, the murderer, had made an agreement to share an apartment, and had worked out all the details. They were supposed to move in the weekend IO went to Arizona.  So when he told me he was going to go rescue The Cousin, I surmised she would be moving in with them, and he confirmed it. He seemed to be trying to set her up with the The Pal.

He was gone about four days, and when he came back with The Cousin, they set up house in his room, locked the door that conjoins it to the rest of the house, and rarely came out.  Although there is a second bed available in the room, she sleeps in IO’s bed with him. They lie around in their underwear watching TV. When they do emerge to use his computer, which is set up in the living room, they sit on the sofa, where he holds her hand. He takes her to breakfast on the weekends and to dinner every night. They are never apart except when he goes to work. He got her a job at the same place he works, and she worked one day. Now she lies around his room sleeping and watching TV until he returns to take her to dinner. Yes, my husband is sleeping with his cousin. His mother’s sister’s daughter.  I am appalled and disgusted. He is everything he makes fun of about the South. I will use it against him in court if I have to. I’m colorful that way.